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I J.Carmone is a Denver based, self-recorded, multi-instrumentalist. He records and writes songs on guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Carmone is originally from Foxboro, MA and rediscovered his love for music while attending Xaverian Brothers High School.

He then attended the University of Denver to play rugby, and simultaneously became deeply emersed in the university's diverse music scene. He had a number of musical roles within the band Sleven, performing at Denver community staples like Herman's Hideaway, the Border, and Cervantes.


Here he met his close friends and working partners C.Gilmour (who co-writes, records, etc. with Carmone), Alex Brennan (who visual jockeys live performances, creates music videos, and album covers for Carmone), Holt Stairs (Audio engineering and production), and Eli Bucksbaum (album covers, music videos, creative direction).

Carmone has drawn crowds at DIY house shows, "Larimer Lounge", "Your Mom's House"​, "Globe Hall", "Lost Lake", "Herman's Hideaway", "Cervante's", and many others. He toured the midwest from May to August of 2023.

His latest album, "Volume 4" was met with critical acclaim.

"We Review Music" reviewed Volume 4, saying "

Recorded entirely in his bedroom from September to December of 2023, "Volume 4" is a testament to J.Carmone's dedication to his craft. Armed with little more than a guitar, bass, drums, keys, and his own powerful vocals, J.Carmone crafts a sound that is as bold as it is authentic. Each instrument resonates with a raw energy that captures the essence of DIY rock at its finest.


One standout moment on the album comes in the form of "Push Comes to Shove," where J.Carmone enlists the talents of C.Gilmour for a blistering guitar solo that adds a new dimension to the track. There’s even an accompanying video for the track that we highly recommend you give a spin!


Throughout "Volume 4," J.Carmone showcases his prowess as a songwriter, delivering anthemic hooks and infectious grooves that are sure to resonate with listeners. Tracks like "Push Comes to Shove" and "Train" exude a sense of urgency and passion, showcasing J.Carmone's versatility as an artist.


One of the album's greatest strengths lies in its production, expertly mixed and mastered by Holt Stairs. Despite its DIY origins, "Volume 4" boasts a polished sound that rivals that of any major studio release. Each instrument is given room to breathe, allowing J.Carmone's emotive vocals to take center stage while still maintaining the album's raw edge.


In a musical landscape dominated by manufactured sounds and overproduced tracks, J.Carmone's "Volume 4" stands out as a refreshing reminder of the power of authenticity and passion. With its solid indie rock foundation and unfiltered energy, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and cement J.Carmone's place as a DIY icon in the making."

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