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I J.Carmone is a Denver based, self-recorded, multi-instrumentalist. He records and writes songs on guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Carmone is originally from Foxboro, MA and rediscovered his love for music while attending Xaverian Brothers High School.

He then attended the University of Denver to play rugby, and simultaneously became deeply emersed in the university's diverse music scene. He had a number of musical roles within the band Sleven, performing at Denver community staples like Herman's Hideaway, the Border, and Cervantes.


Here he met his close friends and working partners C.Gilmour (who co-writes, records, etc. with Carmone), Alex Brennan (who visual jockeys live performances, creates music videos, and album covers for Carmone), Holt Stairs (Audio engineering and production), and Eli Bucksbaum (album covers, music videos, creative direction).

After COVID, Carmone became impatient with excuses and lacking interest from other band members. He decided that only he could help himself in pursuit of living the dream, and took after his hero, Kevin Parker, in self-recording all instruments (along with C.Gilmour).

His first EP "Volume 1" was released on May 27, 2022. Holt Stairs produced "Volume 1". Carmone performed Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keys. Eli Bucksbaum created the album cover and "Virus" music video.

"Volume 2" released on August 1st, 2022. It was recorded with C.Gilmour in Denver in June of 2022. Gilmour, provides guitar solos on "Rugby" & "When I Hear Her Speak of the Universe"; Gilmour wrote and provides lead guitar, lead vocals, and bass on "When I Met You" & "On the Run". Once again, they relied heavily on Holt Stair's Mix & Mastering skills. The album cover, and "When I Met You" music video was made by Alex Brennan.

J.Carmone played his first live shows at Globe Hall, Your Mom’s House, and various house shows between Vol 2 and For a Day/Everything (Singles) releases. He is noted for his fantastic light and lazer show (ran by Alex Brennan), and for his ecletic on stage presence: often introducing himself as “Harry Styles” and announcing every song’s title as “Wonderwall”.


For a Day/Everything (Singles) released December 1st, 2022. They are Carmone’s first step away from Hard Psychedelia, and towards Doo-Wop. Once again Carmone self-recorded guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals; relied on Holt Stair’s mastering skills, and Alex Brennan for the Cover.” 

"Butter" with C.Gilmour released on 4.20.23. It was mixed, mastered, and produced by Holt Stairs, and Dalton Allison of the band Post Animal, a favorite of Carmone and Gilmour's.

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